A photograph of food at Sofia's Taqueria

Sneak Peak Video of Friends and Family Day at Sofia’s Taqueria

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — With a debut of food and drink on Sunday, Sofia’s Taqueria plotted its path to the inaugural days of business at 977 Bay Street.  The Mexican restaurant, hoping for an early December official opening in Rosebank, worked out its kinks on a “friends and family” gathering to test-drive the food and […]

Two men posing for a photograph

Test Run of Staten Island’s Most Anticipated Restaurant of 2018 ! How did Chef Peter Botros and Staff do on the “Stress Test”

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Rosebank has a new restaurant — Sofia’s Taqueria located at 977 Bay Street — which plans for a soft opening Monday, Dec. 3. And if that address sounds familiar, it’s because it served as the former home to Franco-American Zest and Czech-inspired Korzo Klub. When longtime friends Peter Botros and Ignacio Garcia toured the three-story building, […]

A photograph of the party room at Sofia's Taqueria

Announcing Sofia’s Taqueria, The Latest Restaurant By Chef Peter Botros! The Restaurant will feautre had crafted Tacos, Specialty Mexican Fare, Fabulous Margaritas and a Tequila list North of 100 Choices!

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Ignacio Garcia is stepping into his first food venture: The long-time server and Stone House restaurant captain partners with his boss, Peter Botros, in the endeavor.  The place will be called Sofia’s Taqueria, a name taken from Ignacio’s daughter who has “an amazing, energetic personality,” Botros said. “And the name has a […]